Saying hello.


“Solitude” in watercolor and ink. Will be available in my shop soon.

This isn’t my first blog. This is a new one, though.

My other blog focused on my journey with writing my book, which for the 20th time has been put on hold.

I have always been an artist. It started when I was a young child. I watched my mom create these beautiful works of art, and I would draw right beside her. That led to my first drawing being published int he newspaper when I was 6 years old. It was of a pony (a lot of my drawings were of ponies back in the day) and everyone was amazed that the pony REALLY looked like a pony. When I look back at it, I am still amazed too. Maybe one day I will find it and post it.

That grew into a total love for the creative. I loved writing, drawing, painting, singing. Anything that allowed someone to express themselves. I planned on being an animator for Disney when I grew up. I knew I wanted to do something that I loved.

Unfortunately, my love for the creative arts was not something that my grandparents thought would take me anywhere. It didn’t matter how much talent I had, and it didn’t matter how many pieces of art I had in shows around the state. To them, it was just a hobby. When I announced that I wanted to go to art school, the answer was no. Not just no, but hell no. So, with dreams shattered, my art slowed down. It hurt to draw and know that it would never be anything more than something gathering dust in the corner.

Skip ahead numerous years later, and here we are. Finding out that not only can my art shine, but that people want it. Wanted to buy it, and love it as much as I do.

I love writing. But with the job I have as a closed captionist, writing and typing for joy is a little hard these days. And once I started that job, and I saw how much it drained my WANT of writing out of me, I needed a way to get the creative side out of me.

And I picked up the pencil, the pen, the paint, and I started drawing again.

I mostly work in traditional art with ink and watercolor. But, I do dabble in digital art when I need a break from that.

I am currently working on my Etsy shop, which I plan to open by the end of the month.

If you have continued this far, then hello. Thank you for reading the beginning of this not so new journey with me.


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