Opening day!

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a great weekend. Mine started out great, but has definitely been better.

I’m sick. I haven’t been sick like this in a while. I hate being sick, and while I usually handle things well, I am a big baby when I don’t feel good. And right now, I feel like ass crack on stale bread. But anyways…

This post is not about me being sick, it is about me finally opening my Etsy shop!!

I read a quote somewhere, and I don’t remember it exactly, but it summed up to saying that overplanning is just a way to procrastinate from actually doing. Basically, I was waiting to get my “about me” section perfect, and trying to figure out some really cute and cool way to say, “Hey, here’s my shop.” All because I was scared to actually make it live.

So, I just decided to write a blurb, and make the listings I have so far active. I am nervous and excited to the point that my already sick feeling stomach is even sicker, lol. But, at least I did it, right?


There it is, my listings so far. I will definitely be adding some more pieces to it once I feel better.

You can click here, if you want to take a look from this post. And it is also now live from the “Shop” link on the menu to the left.



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