Opening day!

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a great weekend. Mine started out great, but has definitely been better.

I’m sick. I haven’t been sick like this in a while. I hate being sick, and while I usually handle things well, I am a big baby when I don’t feel good. And right now, I feel like ass crack on stale bread. But anyways…

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Finding my way again.

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

It has been a few days since I last posted here. In these past few days, I have been working on getting my Etsy shop together. The more I get done, the more nervous and excited I get. I would love for it to be successful and work out as at least a second source of income. Hey, we can all dream right?

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Ink and art marker sketch of Beyonce.

I did a lot of work today toward my Etsy shop. I am so excited, and nervous to get this off the ground. The excited part because I have other people excited for me. I always find it hard to be excited for myself. And nervous because, well…I’m putting myself out there for others to critique my work. That’s always hard. I am my harshest critic.

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